Members  of the Albert and Westmorland/Kent Associations of Baptist Churches
Re : Application Process for a new Baptist Hospital Chaplain
                                                                                                                               January 25, 2024
 Dear Members
This letter is a follow-up to the recent Letter of Resignation received from our present Baptist Chaplain, Rev. David Hawkesworth, and previously circulated to all of our Association Churches.
We are inviting those who are interested to send a letter of application indicating the reasons for your interest, the practical and spiritual giftings that you would bring to this position, and any other previous experience(s) that have helped to affirm these gifts. Please add the names of at least two references to your information along with the appropriate addresses and phone numbers.
Three members of the Chaplaincy Committee will review the applications, conduct selected interviews based on a prioritized list, and bring their recommendations to o Committee for discussion and a final decision.
Please email your application before February 15 , 2024 to Rev. Dr. Rick Thomas, Secretary, Baptist Hospital Chaplaincy Committee ([email protected] 
If you choose to submit an Application, please make sure that you receive an acknowledgement of your emailed application!
If you have any further questions please contact me at [email protected]
or call me at 506-734-2025 or 506-875-1916.
Please pray our Hospital Chaplaincy Ministry and for your Committee as we seek the Lord’s will for the future.
In His Fellowship
Dean MacDonald
Chair, Baptist Hospital Chaplaincy Committee

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