October is Pastor’s Appreciation Month!

Please make an extra effort to encourage your pastor during October!

1. Shake his or her hand with a real smile.
2. Tell him or her you loved the sermon, and mean it.
3. Send your pastor a friendly email or note.
4. Let him or her know that you’ve got their back.
5. Give your pastor extra vacation time.
6. Give your pastor a hug.
7. Compliment his or her style.
8. Pay for his or her traveling gas.
9. Help ‘em visit folks.
10. Give ‘em a cost of living raise
11. Allow ‘em to make mistakes.
12. Give ‘em a wonderful meal.
13. Don’t call on his or her day off.
14. Check your own agenda at the door when discussing change.
15. Acknowledge that he or she usually works +50 hours a week and not the five
some people think.
16. Pray strategically for him or her.
17. Don’t just say, “Great Sermon.” Let ‘em know what particular thing was helpful.
18. Do not discuss his or her salary in an open forum.
19. Don’t just help identify problems, help fix them!
20. Let his or her kids be kids not extensions of ministry.
21. Pay for wellness perks like a gym membership. This may save a hospital bill!
22. Don’t expect him or her to knock it out of the park every Sunday.
23. Check your ‘diva scale’. It might be far too high.
24. Provide a cold bottle of water on his or her desk on Sunday morning.
25. Give him or her a gift card, for Amazon or something. Only your pastor knows
exactly what he or she needs.
26. Give him or her an extended sabbatical every five years or so.
27. Express your confidence in your pastor. This can simply be done by saying, “You
da man!!”
28. Write a kind note to his or her kids.
29. Invite your pastor and family to y our family events, make them feel like they
are part of your family.
30. Buy him or her some waders. Pastors don’t walk on water.
Inspired by “50 Way to Love Your Pastor”    louisianabaptists.org

I Love My Pastor October 2018 30 Days & 30 Ways