Chaplaincy Report

Bi-Monthly Minutes- March 18, 2015

Greetings, Brothers & Sisters:

The fourth bi-monthly meeting of the Westmorland/Kent and Albert counties Chaplaincy Committee took place at 11:00am on Wed., Mar. 18/15 in Nurse’s Alumni office, the Moncton Hospital. Spirited fellowship was enjoyed by all present both prior to and during the meeting. Rev. Dean MacDonald welcomed all present, and turned the meeting over to chairperson Rev. David Evans who opened the meeting with a brief prayer-time. The Agenda was adopted, and these minutes reflect the order of the agenda:

Minutes from Jan.21, 20145- approved as circulated.

Attendance- Because of the stormy weather attendance was limited to: Dean MacDonald, Helena & David Evans, Don MacDougall & Rick Thomas

Chaplain’s Report- A written report was distributed to the members of this Committee. It included: Dean’s reflections on the past 8.4 weeks, Jan. 01- Feb. 28/15. Information re. the new Spiritual and Religious Care department head, Mrs. Trudy Rose, who commenced work about the middle of February, and she seems to be a spiritual person, with a Roman Catholic background. We also received an update on the Dumont’s requirement for all clergy to have a current police check, and this is now also being required at the City hospital. Dean then presented a detailed statistical summary of the past two month’s work as our chaplain, and the results of a one day survey of Baptists in Nursing units and in the specialties (50). Further, he has conducted one communion service, two funerals and had four decisions for Christ as Lord & Saviour. He further commented on the blessing it has been to minister to fellow pastors and their spouses who have been patients in the hospitals.
For anyone interested, a complete copy may be obtained by contacting Dean by phone (734-2025) or by email: [email protected]. Before long Dean will be posting his full report on the appropriate websites!

Other Concerns & Issues- Dean will take a week’s vacation Mar.23-29, & Rick T. will visit Mar. 23 & 25, while Don MacDougall will be “on call” Mar. 27.

Date of Next Meeting- May 20, 2015- in the Nurse’s Alumni office, if available.

Closing Prayer- Helena Evans

Respectfully submitted Wed., Mar. 18/15
Rev. Dr. Rick Thomas

Chaplaincy Committee:

Dean MacDonald- (Chaplain; Albert) [email protected]
David Evans- (Chairperson; W/K) 851-1733 [email protected]
Dean Martin (Vice Chair; Albert) 756-8233 [email protected]
Rick Thomas- (Secretary; W/K) 862-2758 [email protected]
Helena Evans- (W/K Assn. Rep.) 961-4033 [email protected]
Eloise Bannister (Parish Nurse) 756-8119 [email protected]
Don MacDougall (W/K Assn. Rep.) 384-3034 [email protected]
David Ross- (Albert Assn. Rep.) 856-6080 [email protected]
Jonathan Gorham- (Past Chairman) 233-7858 [email protected]

Contacts for info to Churches & Pastors:

Doug Steeves- (Moderator, Albert Assn.) 383-9274 [email protected]
Scott Ryder- (Moderator, W/K Assn.) 856-6399 [email protected]
Marion Harrison (Clerk, Albert Assn.) 734-3233 [email protected]
Kelly Taylor- 372-5179 [email protected]