Chaplaincy Meeting & Prayer Requests

Bi-Monthly Minutes- May 20, 2015

Greetings, Brothers & Sisters:

The fifth bi-monthly meeting of the Westmorland/Kent and Albert counties Chaplaincy Committee took place at 11:00am on Wed., May. 20/15 in Nurse’s Alumni office, the Moncton Hospital. Spirited fellowship was enjoyed by all present both prior to and during the meeting. Rev. Dean MacDonald welcomed all present, and turned the meeting over to chairperson Rev. David Evans who opened the meeting with a brief prayer-time. The Agenda was adopted, and these minutes reflect the order of the agenda:

Minutes from Mar.18, 20145- approved as circulated.

Attendance- A full committee turnout included: Dean MacDonald, Helena & David Evans, Don MacDougall, Eloise Bannister, David Ross, Dean Martin & Rick Thomas

Chaplain’s Report- An Agenda was distributed to the members of this Committee. It included: the approval of the Minutes from Mar.18/15, as circulated; an update on the S&R Care Dept., noting that staff chaplain Rufus O. has returned to work, & that Trudy Rose is still getting familiar with the hospital & the Dept.- unfortunately, the Dept. has still NOT held regular staff meetings, prayer times, or study times. Dean informed us that Trudy had hosted a small celebration recognizing his 2005 pastoral care visits. Dean also reviewed for us the current “Exchangeable Accreditation” within the Horizon network, & the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct, where it was suggested that we “should leave a sleeping dog lie.” Further, Dean shared with us his 8 or 9 week visitation summary, including some touching encounters with a number of patients. Finally, he has conducted another funeral for a patient with whom he has worked as Chaplain.
For anyone interested, a complete copy may be obtained by contacting Dean by phone (734-2025) or by email: [email protected]. Before long Dean will be posting his full report on the appropriate websites!

Other Concerns & Issues- Dean may take some vacation this summer, & will contact someone to fill-in for him if & when he does. He will also enquire about the Annual meeting of the S & R Care Dept. for the Fall to see what plans are being considered. It was further noted that in the event of an emergency, Dean could contact the Chaplaincy Exec. to help resolve the issue, or even the full Chaplaincy Comm.

Date of Next Meeting- Sep 16, 2015- in the Nurse’s Alumni office, if available.

Closing Prayer- David Ross

Respectfully submitted Wed., May 20/15 Rev. Dr. Rick Thomas

Chaplaincy Committee:

Dean MacDonald- (Chaplain; Albert) [email protected]
David Evans- (Chairperson; W/K) 851-1733 [email protected]
Dean Martin (Vice Chair; Albert) 756-8233 [email protected]
Rick Thomas- (Secretary; W/K) 862-2758 [email protected]
Helena Evans- (W/K Assn. Rep.) 961-4033 [email protected]
Eloise Bannister (Parish Nurse) 756-8119 [email protected]
Don MacDougall (W/K Assn. Rep.) 384-3034 [email protected]
David Ross- (Albert Assn. Rep.) 856-6080 [email protected]
Jonathan Gorham- (Past Chairman) 233-7858 [email protected]

Contacts for info to Churches & Pastors:

Doug Steeves- (Moderator, Albert Assn.) 383-9274 [email protected]
Scott Ryder- (Moderator, W/K Assn.) 856-6399 [email protected]
Marion Harrison (Clerk, Albert Assn.) 734-3233 [email protected]
Kelly Taylor- 372-5179 [email protected]

Suggested Prayer Requests for the Chaplaincy Ministry


  1. Pray that I will personally seek the presence of the Lord in my own life and  to be nourished through His Word and personal times of prayer.
  2. Ask that I would be daily refreshed in the power of His Spirit, depending on Him and not on personal strength or gifts.
  3. Pray that I would not rush ahead of the Holy Spirit but constantly look for His leading and guiding.
  4. Pray that I will have a good memory as former patients return and that I readily recognize and remember them.
  5. Ask the Lord to help me to be a good istener and also help patients to be open about any concerns or spiritual needs that they might have.
  6. A special prayer request is for uninterrupted time with patients so that they can focus on their thoughts and conversation.
  7. Pray that I will be able to build trusting relationships with hospital staff and with visiting pastors.
  8. Ask the Lord to protect me as I visit and keep me healthy and strong in a potentially difficult environment.
  9. Pray for the Spiritual and Religious Care Departments in the two hospitals – for a close sense of teamwork, mutual support, and understanding among pastors and chaplains.


January 1 – May 30, 2015 (Report for 21 weeks)

Place Hours W/K Alb NB NS Other Total
January 77.00 95 57 3 1 18 174
February 56.50 77 58 6 3 9 153
March 55.75 88 58 9 18 173
April 77.50 119 52 2 1 24 198

Weekly Avg.















* Includes 19 Staff Visits