Assoc. Celebartion Meeting Update


          What a joyous time of celebration we had at the Valley Baptist church last Sunday evening, April 26th. A large number of people gathered to share what the Lord is doing in Albert County and to sing His praises. And sing we did!!!! Praise God.
          The music by Redeeming Grace was very fitting for the celebration meeting. The quartet music & message was great and certainly aided by the Holy Spirit. On a less joyous note one member of Redeeming Grace, Gerald Tingley was taken to hospital Sunday evening and transferred to Saint John with a serious heart problem. Pray that if it be God’s will that Gerald recovers and continues to sing for the Lord.
            Rev Fawcett’s message challenged all in attendance to be more aware of the time and resources we give to the Lord’s work. What a blessing to have Crandall University in our area.
             It had to be encouraging to everyone in attendance to realize as we work for the Lord in Albert County and beyond that we are not alone. Many people in our 23 Albert County churches are working along side of each of us.
           Thanks to the Rev Bruce Alcorn & the Valley Baptist church for hosting this event. Thanks to the social committee for a relaxing and enjoyable fellowship time. A big thank you to all who brought food of which there was plenty.
           On a personal note as Interim Ex. Director it was encouraging to see so many of our pastors and church leaders in attendance. I pray that as the term expires in April 2016 for many of our team members that we see a renewed interest in the association. Pray, asking God how you can be used in the work of the Association. Join the team, as the members and leaders strive, to promote God’s word to our neighbors in Albert County.

Willis Steeves
Interim Ex. Director
Gerald Tingley is home. The doctor was able to make the necessary repair and he should be OK