Chaplaincy Ministry @ Southeast Regional Correction Center

I thought that it was about time that I gave you an update on the Chaplaincy Ministry here at Southeast Regional Correctional Centre, in Shediac.  This ministry is unique in that it requires much more of a one-to-one format than a typical Church or other similar ministry.  I meet with men every day by request and by just dropping in to the three living Units where they are housed.  I facilitate all religious/spiritual services/practices requested by the men, from Chapel services on Sundays to guest speakers in the midweek, to Bible distribution, and our most popular item, a little wooden cross on a piece of string.  I believe that I have given out over 200 Bibles, and at least as many crosses in this first year of ministry here.  Most of the men are very open to Spiritual things, and the many many conversations we have had are bringing about fruit.  A number of men have come to faith in Christ, many more are searching, and many more again are “interested”.


One of our strategic goals is to disciple them as much as possible here, and upon release, transition them to a welcoming Church who will love, accept and disciple them further.  Is this not the mandate of Christ in the closing chapters of Matthew (25 for example)?


The second goal that I am slowly developing is that of a trained team of volunteers who can come inside to assist me onsite.  To date we have about 10-12 in training, and there is space for many more.


Thirdly, I am tasked in providing an “Addictions Recovery Program” for our men by this Fall.  I have the materials, but lack the adequate space in our facility to carry this out functionally.  Pray with me about this, as I negotiate space with our administration.


Fourthly, as many of you know, my wife Sylvia and I have launched a fully functional library on site.  This is a major boost to the morale of the men.  To be able to secure reading material (much of which is not what I personally read…but that is ok, because it is not about me), makes a significant difference in the overall mood, conduct, and general behaviour of the men in our living Units.  At present we have approximately 1,000 books (all paperback), in circulation, and they get circulated over and over again.  I am losing about 8-10 per week due to age, deterioration, and general misuse, and the problem that I face is my inability to replace them.  I quite literally have little or no resources for this purpose, and depend heavily upon the good will of generous donors, like yourselves…than you so much for your kind donations.


I could go on in describing this vitally important ministry…the first of its kind in the Correctional Centres in New Brunswick, but the best way to really communicate this would be for you to invite me to one of your Church events, like a Sunday morning worship service, a Youth group, a midweek prayer meeting, or any other similar gathering where you feel would be most beneficial.  I have had opportunity to do so in some of our Baptist family, and would welcome every chance given to me.  Please, please continue to pray for this work, and should God lead, I am always in need of resources.  God bless.


Chaplain R. Wayne Hagerman

Southeast Regional Correctional Centre,

Shediac, NB