Lic. Rodney Blyth
Middlesex United Baptist Church
Home Phone: 506-383-1010
Categories: Executive, Pastors
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Pamela Carlin
Clerk Albert Association of Convention Baptist Churches
Cell Phone: 506-878-1585
Categories: Executive
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Lic. Nick Dunfield
Pastor of Youth & Children Hillsborough Baptist Church Inc.
Home Phone: 506-233-0781 Work Phone: 506-734-2379
Categories: Executive, Pastors
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Pastor Doug Steeves
Moderator Stoney Creek United Baptist Church
Home Phone: 506-383 -9274
Categories: Executive, Pastors
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Executive Director

Lic, Elizabeth Collins      [email protected]


Rev. Douglas Steeves

Finance Team

Team leader – Lic David Hawkes


Vision Team

Team Leader – Lic. Rodney Blyth – [email protected]

Brenda Hawkes | Ruth Williamson

Communications Team

Team Leader – Pam Carlin

[email protected]


Licensing Team

Rev. Dean MacDonald
mailto:[email protected]

Rev Gary Taylor| Lic. David Ross


Youth and Children’s Team

Team Leader –
Kurt Parks – [email protected]
Lic Nick Dunfield
Faye Bishop


Pastoral Care Team

Team leader –  Sheila Taylor
Rose Woodworth

Nominating Team

Team Leader –