Appendix 3

Team Descriptions

Team Members can be made up from any member in good standing of our Association Churches.  The Teams elect a Chair for their Team who becomes an Officer of the Council and a voting Delegate.   The Team Members meet and elect a chair within 30 days of the Annual Celebration Meeting.

A. Nominating Team

  • The Nominating Team shall be made up as a minimum the Executive Director or his / her delegate, the Secretary / Clerk, and at least three others nominated by the Executive Team for election at the Annual Meeting.
  • The Nominating Team shall prepare nominations for the Teams of the Association.  They also nominate the Association Delegate to the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches.
  • This Team may make nominations for outside appointments as Council deems necessary from time to time.
  • Nominations may also be presented from those in attendance at any duly called meeting.

B. Licensing Team

  • This Team shall consist of not less than four members.
  • The Licensing Team is to become thoroughly acquainted with the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches regulations regarding the Licensing of Pastors.
  • This Team is to establish and maintain communications with all churches in the Association with a view to contact all persons considering a call to the pastoral ministry, or are desirous of entering training for such purposes.
  • This Team interviews persons annually and make recommendation to the Association council, to grant or renew licenses in accordance with the policies of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches.
  • This team elects from its membership the Association delegate and alternate to the Convention Ordination Examining Council.

C. Vision / Missions Team

  • The Vision / Missions Team shall be drawn from the members of Council with power to recruit competent assistance from the Association churches.
  • This Team shall consist of not less than four members one of whom is the Executive Director.
  • Focus on Mission / Vision Objectives of the Association (i.e. Moncton Hospital Chaplaincy, New Life Mission, Fundy Youth Project, Camp Wildwood)
  • Initiate Opportunities to Help Churches be More Effective in Kingdom Building Locally and Globally
  • Implement key plans and strategies (ie: conferences, outreach opportunities, service, mission projects, etc.)
  • Primary Purpose:  Mission – NOT Maintenance

D. Youth and Children Ministry Team

  • This Team shall consist of not less than four members.
  • The Youth and Children Ministry Team may need to have additional ad-hoc subcommittees from time to time.
  • Develop training opportunities for staff and volunteer youth leaders
  • Promote local and global youth missions (i.e. Tidal Impact, BWA Youth Conference)
  • Engage students in peer – peer ministry and evangelism
  • Association Delegates to Camp Wildwood and Association Delegates to New Life Mission are a part of this team.
  • Assist with the Communication between Association Churches and Area youth events.

E. Communication Team

  • Team Leader – Secretary / Clerk
  • This Team shall consist of not less than three members.
  • Develop and maintain mailing lists, email group distribution lists and phone networks.
  • Develop and maintain an Association website, resource database and calendar of events.
  • Distribute minutes of Association meetings to delegates, pastors and church clerks.
  • Develop weekly prayer notices to be included in local church bulletins.
  • Co-ordinate active prayer chain captains for emergency prayer requests.

F. Pastoral Care Team:

  • This Team shall consist of not less than three members.
  • To deliberately connect and work closely with the churches and pastors of the Association.  (This will help determine where there are needs and where to focus the resources.)
  • To develop a pastoral support team within the churches and to encourage its effectiveness if one is in place.
  • This team includes the delegates to Albert / Westmorland-Kent Chaplaincy.
  • To encourage the building of relationships with pastors and lay leaders within the Association; both collectively and individually.  This could be accomplished through personal contacts or through mentoring, retreats, social events, etc.
  • To teach congregations how to be understanding and sensitive to the needs of pastors, spouses and children.
  • To develop resources that will provide practical help during crisis situations; i.e. multiple funerals, pulpit replacement, conflict management, medical emergencies.
  • To encourage growth in spiritual formation, education and training through seminars, extension courses and other helpful learning opportunities.
  • To help pastors discover financial resources that may be available through Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, Universities, scholarships, etc.
  • To work closely with the Regional Minister in the delivery of these services.

G.  Finance Team

  • Team Leader – Association Treasurer
  • This Team shall consist of not less than three members.
  • To provide the banking & treasury functions for the Association.
  • To provide any government reporting, as required, for the Association.
  • To provide a financial report to committees’ on their activities at least once per fiscal period comparing actual to planned activities.
  • To prepare a written annual report that summarizes the last fiscal periods’ financial activities and presents the next fiscal periods’ budget at the annual business meeting.
  • As required, assist each committee in determining their financial budget for the next two fiscal periods.
  • To assist each committee in fund raising to meet their next two years financial budget.