Appendix 1


Our Association Executive Team is leading us in the following…

Regular, Faithful Prayer

  • Daily Prayer for individual and collective church ministries
    • Youth, Music and Prayer Encounters
  • Participate in Church Prayer Chains
    • Sick, Unsaved, Marriages, Teachers
  • Pastors, Inspiration, Leadership and Discipleship
  • Unsaved (Outreach)
  • Attend Monthly Prayer Days in the County as they rotate.

 Promote Unity

  • Inspirational Celebration Meetings
  • Create and Manage a Communication Website
  • Create and Manage a Resource Website of Skills and Materials (Acts 2:42-47)
    • Teaching Materials, DVBS Resources, Discipleship Class Materials, Youth Ministry, Facebook and Church Websites
  • Participate and Assist with Local Church Special Events When Requested
    • Men’s and Ladies Breakfasts, Musical Evenings, Anniversary Services, Induction and Ordinations, Leadership Training Events
  • Promote Innovation
    • New Ways to Minister, Engage the Youth